Committee Members 2016-17


MareeMaree Shaw (President) joined the committee in 2013. Before assuming the presidency, she served as coordinator of the Regional Coordinators and organised the first RC Planning Day in 2015. She has also been acting-RC for Auckland, working to give members a chance to meet, have fun, and enjoy great beer. She contributes to Pursuit of Hoppiness and helped with the organisation, promotion, and running of the National Homebrew Competition.

As president, she’d like to build on the excellent work Dave ‘Dear Leader’ Wood has done, while looking forward to the future. Now 10 years old, SOBA has achieved many of its original goals. She’d like to continue all of the fantastic events and advocacy work while also focusing on growing our presence in the regions.

Portfolio: Pursuit of Hoppiness

TomTom Coleman (Treasurer) grew up in England where cask-conditioned real ale was simply called beer. Since then, he spent 12 years in Melbourne and for the last five years has been living in Auckland and running a conference services company. In both cities, he’s enjoyed the burgeoning craft beer scenes and been a very enthusiastic home-brewer.  He’s been a SOBA member since 2009 and treasurer since 2012.

Portfolios: Pursuit of Hoppiness & National Homebrew Competition

jessJess Ducey (Secretary) joined the SOBA committee in 2014, but is probably better known for co-organising the NZ Craft Beer Calendar and talking people into getting their kit off for a good cause. She’s also an occasional homebrewer and contributor to Pursuit of Hoppiness. In her day job, Jess is a freelance consultant working on communications, events, diversity, international development, and fundraising. She enjoys knitting, the arts, cheese, books, and patting dogs.

Portfolio: Website/Comms/PR

General Committee Members

Michelle BurMichelleke (Membership Officer) is one half of the wildly successful beer reviewing team the Thirsty Bitches. You’ll probably know her from hugging her, being the muse for the NZ Beer Calendar, or just being rowdy at one of your favourite bars or events. Michelle does something fancy and important with computers and owns more than 100 t-shirts (many of which are beer related).

Portfolio: Membership

Barb Dec 2014Barbara Joppa brewed Joppa Stout, the champion beer at the 2013 National Homebrew Competition that was later released by Hallertau. As BeerIQ, she is a strong advocate for well-made, flavourful beers. She runs beer tasting events in Auckland to educate the masses about the range of possibilities out there.

Portfolio: Festivals

IMG_0045Warwick Foy is the regional coordinator for Taranaki and a long-time beer fan and brewer. He became interested in beer through travel and enjoys trying new beers and learning more about beer wherever he goes. He’s written beer reviews for local newspapers and has spent several years helping organise beer events in Taranaki. He enjoys introducing people to the world of craft beer.

Portfolio: Regional Coordinators

philPhil Murray has been involved with SOBA since the beginning in various capacities, but primarily building and running the systems that run the National Homebrew Competition, and judging at the NHC and various other small competitions. He’s also a co-conspirator behind Brewaucracy.

Portfolio:  SOBA Awards