Beer Recipe: Thirst Trouncing Wheat Beer

A clean, crisp wheat beer with a deliciously dominant display of hop aromatics.
The top quality wheat malt crates a creamy texture, with the Torrified Wheat adding a mellow zingy mouthfeel which is backed up by a chewy, almost bready Pilsner malt backbone.
A trusted English caramel malt imparts a touch of sweetness and colour. The clean wheat flavour pops its head through the citric-dense hop aroma. Pours with a wispy creamy wheat malt head – and you’ve got yourself a quaffable and refreshing beer perfect for Summer.

Thirst Trouncing Wheat Beer


Weyermann® Pilsner 60%
Weyermann® Pale Wheat 30%
Bairds Torrified Wheat 7%
Bairds Caramalt 3%
OG 1.051 (13° Plato)
ABV 5%


Mash in: 37°c
10 mins 45°c
10 mins 52°c
30 mins 62°c
30 mins 72°c
Raise to 78°c for mash out.


Think candied orange, citrus, lychee, lime – Motueka, Amarillo, Cascade all make fine examples.


House ale yeast.


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