Blank Canvas for Brewers to Build On

Gabi Michael’s reflects on Gladfield’s newest malt: German Pilsner

Blank canvas for brewers to build on

Gabi Michael’s reflects on Gladfield’s newest malt: German Pilsner

When Gladfield first started producing malts, 14 years ago, the trend was very different. Back then, brewers were looking for more flavoursome base malts for English style beers and traditional Lagers. Gladfield’s pilsner and ale malt hit the spot.

As a result brewers were backing us up to produce more types of malts with even more malty flavour. I remember when we produced our first batches of Vienna and Munich, a feat that some people thought not possible, believing that only European maltings were capable of producing these more specialised malts. I guess we proved that if you set your mind to it, you can do almost anything.

With innovation and non-traditionalism in mind, we have created unique malts such as Aurora, Toffee, Shepherds Delight and Supernova.

Now we have created another new base malt  called German Pilsner. The name probably says it all, it is European inspired malt with a slight raw-dough character, no malt taste and with an outstanding clean finish. The specifications for this malt are similar to our Pilsner malt, the main difference is taste and flavour.

These days brewers are seeking hop forward beers and in some cases just want a blank canvas to start their recipes with. German Pilsner fills both these gaps.  The aim was to create a malt with little malt character for you to use as a base and build flavours that you desire. We challenge you, the brewer, to experiment and come up with beers never brewed before, have a play and see if German Pilsner is for you. We want brewers to make the most of our entire range which now counts for 29 types of malts and raw grains available.

What our clients have to say about our new malt:

Ralph Bungard from Three Boys Brewery

Over the last 12 years of brewing Three Boys Pils we have always taken pride in keeping it as close as we can to the true tradition of a European Pilsner while showcasing the modernisation of NZ malt and hops. For us, that means clean, crisp, uncomplicated malt flavours that are both subtle enough to let hop character shine, but strong enough to balance the backbone of bitterness that you would expect in a true Pilsner.

We are always looking for perfect Three Boys Pils and part of that is always looking to improve our techniques and ingredients. This year we really started to dig deep into our malt profile in our Pils.

We talked with Gladfield and they listened. They provided us with their new German Pilsner Malt. It won out in our blind tastings. Our finished beer came through clean and crisp with subtle but distinct malt-sweetness and gentle honey and dough aroma that won us over.

Jonas Klebert, homebrewer from Motueka

I am a seasoned Home Brewer with a German background, focusing predominantly on German style beers.

I took the opportunity to trial the Gladfield German Pilsner Malt in a local brewing competition because it was well suited to my preferences. This was the opportunity for me to source my Malt locally over import, at a better price.

The German Pilsner Malt delivered a far more true to style flavour profile than what I had previously experience with Gladfield’s normal Pilsner Malt. It is plain, simple and offers plenty of flexibility. I was pleasantly surprised to win the competition as this was the first real competition I had entered. Gladfield’s German Pilsner Malt certainly contributed to this win and I plan on using this base malt again during summer time for my traditional Kolsch Recipe.

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