Brew a Beer With Cryer Malt: Spring Sauvin Saison

Originally produced in France and Belgium for the farm workers, Saisons are now part of many craft breweries line ups whether they be seasonal or part of the core range. This recipe utilizes the unique flavour and aroma profile of the Nelson Sauvin hops and the spice note in the Saison yeast. The all Weyermann® malt bill delivers a clean malt backbone and structure to the beer which makes for great drinking on those warm spring days.


  • Weyermann® Pale Ale 82.1%
  • Weyermann® Carapils® 7.5%
  • Weyermann® Caraaroma® 5.2%
  • Weyermann® Carabelge® 5.2%

OG 1.059
ABV 6.0%


Mash In 67°c
Mash Out at 75°c
Boil 60 mins


30 IBU
Nelson Sauvin


French Saison Yeast

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