Brew a Beer With Cryer Malt – Winter Brown Ale

Brown Ales are seeing a bit of a resurgence on the Craft Beer Scene in America and this version is an Americanized take on the British original. It is strongly malty, with a good caramel base, some chocolate and toasty overtones, but without any smokiness. While the hops make it All American.

Malt Bill:

  • Malteurop New Zealand Ale Malt 65%
  • Weyermann® Caramunich® 3 20%
  • Weyermann® Carared® 13%
  • Weyermann® Carafa® Special Ty 2 2

OG 1.051 (12.75 °P)
ABV 5.1%


30 IBU
Citrus, floral, herbal, pungent, resiny or spicy – think any US or new world hop – Amarillo, Cascade or even the new Flyer hop will work well.


Single Infusion
60min @ 67°C
Raise to 76°C for mash out
Boil 60 minutes


Any American style yeast that is clean fermenting with relatively little diacetyl or ester.

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