December 2018 Pursuit of Hoppiness

The December 2018 Issue of Pursuit of Hoppiness is now available at all good beer serving places. This issue starts off with a piece from Editor Michael Donaldson on the Elephant In The Brewery or, the state of the brewing industry’s mental wellness. Here is an excerpt from the piece – click below view the entire article and the December 2018 Issue:

“From the outside, the beer industry seems like a brilliant lifestyle choice.

What could be better than making beer all day, drinking free beer at night, selling beer to happy patrons, talking about beer, and going to beer events? And at the end you can sell your brewery to a global corporation and become an overnight millionaire. Fab, huh?

With brewers increasingly given “rock star” status and elevated to god-like positions thanks to the nature of their creations, brewing can look like an A-list occupation.

The truth is – forgive the pun, sobering.

The job involves long, often lonely, hours. Many are spent cleaning tanks or washing kegs. Then you make a beer – nay, you create a beer, pouring your heart and soul and more hops than you can rightly afford and … you can’t sell it because supermarket shelves are full and taps are crowded with your competitors’ equally-delightful drops. Then, when you do sell it, some clown on Untappd tells the world your new kettle-soured fruit-infused beer tastes like donkey piss and that he hates sours and wishes it was an IPA.

Next, you have to pay the bills. And people won’t pay your bills. But you need that money to buy more ingredients to make more donkey piss for an unappreciative audience.

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