Editorial: Autumn 2012

Hello and welcome to the Autumn edition of the Pursuit of Hoppiness.

Amongst the excitement of getting the last issue out, there was one off-flavour – I forgotten to thank all the voluntary contributors! The content of Pursuit is entirely voluntary from the cover photo to the articles. People all over the country take time out to write articles, take photos and organise advertising. Without these people, Pursuit wouldn’t exist.

If you’d like to help out, there’s plenty of ways to be involved. The smallest and easiest way is to send me any beer news from your region. SOBA is a national organisation and I’d like the news section to reflect this – and I like hearing stories from around the country.

For those up to a bigger challenge, you could submit an article. It could be about anything – a new pub, your experiences in home brewing or what you found out about beer overseas. If you’re interested in it, chances are other SOBA members are too.

In this way, Pursuit is much like SOBA itself. If you think it needs more of something, let someone (in the case of Pursuit, me) know. If you think something needs changing, tell a committee member or your local representative (these can be found on page 31). If you want to get involved, put up your hand. Just like in Pursuit, involvement can be small (chatting to a new member) or big (running for the committee at the AGM in August). It’s up to you really.

– Kate

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