Editorial: Autumn 2014

Martin CraigThings to like about Autumn:

  1. It’s hop harvest season. In a few weeks we will know what the new vintage has to offer, both in quantity of hops available, and in the quality of the 2014 crop. Last year was affected by a drought – what will this year’s wetter summer bring us?
  2. That means it’s time for fresh-hopped beers. This innovation was brought to New Zealand by Lion Nathan with Brewjolais and has been widely adopted by the craft beer community.
  3. Longer sun sets. If the colour of your beer should match the colour of the sky in the evening, it’s time to pick up the pale ales and reds as the nights lengthen.
  4. Emerson’s Taieri George and hot cross buns (The supermarkets have been doing the buns for weeks already, Richard!)
  5. Cider apple harvest. You can’t beat the real thing, and more cider apples are being harvested in New Zealand every year. Again, what will this year’s vintage bring?
  6. Barley harvest too. What effect will the weather have on the quality and quantity of this year’s crop?
  7. Cooler afternoons, no pollen, and trout on the evening rise.
  8. The Autumn issue of Pursuit of Hoppiness – enjoy!

And last autumn I sat the Certificate in the Craft of Beer qualification. I finally received my certificate in summer after multiple queries and delays. If you decide to take this course I recommend you regularly follow up with the markers to get your results.


Martin Craig

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