Editorial: December 2017

When I first raised the idea of doing Pursuit of Hoppiness six times a year instead of four, it was met with universal support from the team at SOBA. But I was silently freaking out at how we’d manage to increase production by 50 per cent (I know … breweries face this problem all the time!).

Would the writers be able to generate enough copy and meet the new deadlines, would the advertisers continue to support it, would you, the reader, keep picking it up?

Well, here we are in December with the sixth issue of the year … so thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

First, to the team of writers and sub-editor (singular) who make the magazine possible: Denise Garland all the way from Scotland, Phil Cook, Amanda Nally, Jono Galuszka, Jason Gurney, Tim Newman, Neil McInnes, Dylan Jauslin, Geo Griggs, Martin Craig, Chesney McDonald and all the regional co-ordinators who keep us up to date with happenings in your area.

Second, to the advertisers who make it possible to deliver a well-designed product with a circulation of more than 16,000. Over the course of the year we’ve printed 100,000 copies of the magazine which have found their way in to bars, taprooms , breweries and pubs across the country. It’s not a cheap exercise and it’s thanks to advertisers that we can deliver the magazine to such a wide audience. We don’t have an audited readership but a conservative estimate is in the realm of 50,000 people, which just shows how big the beer community is. And thanks too, to distribution boss Wade Miller for making sure everyone gets their copy.

Third, a massive thanks to all the readers. We hope we’ve entertained, outraged, amused and informed you over the course of the year and look forward to doing it all again next year.

And finally to the team at Pumpt for looking after the advertising, design, distribution and subscriptions.

Happy Holidays!

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