Editorial: Summer 2011-12

Hello and welcome to the summer edition of the Pursuit of Hoppiness. My name is Kate Jordan, the new editor. I’ve been into craft beer for a few years now and a SOBA member for two. When I heard Nick was stepping down as editor, it seemed like a good idea to volunteer for the position – but then I had had a couple of beers.

I’ve got a background in publishing, having served a year at a bridal magazine and another at a company that made medical directories (yes, they are both as boring as they sound). I’m currently a contract sub-editor, so I apologise if I’m a bit critical of your grammar sometimes!

But that’s enough about me, let’s talk about our magazine. Continuing on with Nick’s good work, the PoH will aim to keep SOBA members up-todate with beer, bar and brew news from around the country. It’ll also provide an introduction to non-SOBA members to our organisation, what we stand for and what we’re doing.

As with any changing of the guard, there will be a few changes. On the cover I hope to showcase some amazing photos from New Zealand beer photographers. In every issue I’d also like to include a cooking with beer or a beer and food matching recipe. But basically, it’ll still be the Pursuit of Hoppiness we all love and know.

So here’s to a great summer. To a Pilsner on the balcony of the Fork ‘n’ Brewer or on the deck at Deep Creek Brewing. To loading up the car with camping gear, kids and a few choice litres of home brew for a summer trip. And you never know – maybe even a Radler after a nice long bike ride!

My family doesn’t have many Christmas traditions, so last year Dad and I started one: the Great Christmas Beer Tasting. The Pale Ale section went down a treat on Christmas Day; the Porter selection not so well on a stinking hot Boxing Day.

We’re currently planning this year’s selection and are surprised at how much we’ve learnt about beer in a year! I hope your Christmas goes just as well.

– Kate

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