Editorial: Summer 2012-13

KateHello everyone and welcome to another edition of Pursuit of Hoppiness.

I’m sad to announce this will be my last issue as editor, as I’m off to Melbourne on a bit of an adventure. I’m handing over the reins to Phil Cook, who doesn’t need an introduction for many people. For those who are yet to get acquainted, I’ll give you the run down. Phil knows about beer. A lot about beer. He’s been a bartender, including four years at Wellington’s iconic Malthouse, and even now does the occasional shift at the just-as iconic Hashigo Zake, when not at his day job at the Garage Project brewery. Last year the Brewers Guild awarded him Beer Writer of the Year for his Beer Diary blog. I thoroughly enjoy both his blog and podcast and feel I’m leaving Pursuit in good hands.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me out over the past year. Advertisers, writers, photographers, editors, brewers, publicans – everyone was so helpful and generous. Especial thanks to anyone who ever recieved an ‘emergency’ request for words/photographs/artworks and replied promptly – nothing warms the heart of an editor more than kindness shown on deadline.

I’d particularly like to thank my Dad, Brian. Dad looks after distribution for Pursuit, getting 5,000 copies out to our local distributors. But he’s done much more than that in the past year. He’s provided support and advice, proofed articles, and took the cover photo for the winter issue. He’ll continue looking after distribution and will keep an eye on Phil for me!

While I’m sad to leave the New Zealand beer scene, I’m excited to start exploring Melbourne. I can’t wait to taste the wares of Red Duck, Moon Dog, Mountain Goat, and many others. There’s also plenty of outlets to try out, such as the Local Taphouse, Josie Bones, or Slowbeer – there’s just so much to try!

For those still in New Zealand, there’s plenty of interesting things going on, as you can see from the pages within. In this issue, our volunteer writers have covered the sale of Emerson’s Brewing, Moa’s IPO, beer festivals, international beer travel, and looked behind the scenes at the National Homebrew Competition.

I’m certainly not going to be able to stay away from such an interesting beer scene for long, so this isn’t good bye, merely so long. In the meantime, I hope you all continue to enjoy and promote great beer and be excellent to each another.

Kate Jordan, Editor

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