Editor’s Note August 2017

This edition of Pursuit tackles a couple of burning questions in the beer industry right now: the look and quality of your beer.

The first seems like an easy one, but as Phil Cook explains in his story on page 6, the current craze for hazy beer (in particular the rash of East Coast, New England or Vermont-style IPA) on the market is not exactly a new thing.

As Phil notes, there’s a huge difference between brewing a cloudy beer because it will enhance the flavour and brewing a murky mess to cash in on a trend. Personal preference comes into these things; there will always be people who hate the murk, just as there are people who don’t like lager. But as long as the beer is the best possible quality, do we care what it looks like?

Quality has been the word of the winter.

On page 8 we take a look at what critics and brewers alike have been saying about the perceived decline inbeer quality in recent times. It’s a complex and somewhat testy subject made more irksome by the fact there are so many new beers coming on to the market and the question for punters is: who can you trust?

Finally, we’re delighted to be able offer a subscription service for Pursuit of Hoppiness. While the magazine will continue to be free at good beer outlets we know there are lots of people in far flung regions of New Zealand, and even overseas, who cannot easily get their hands on a copy.

So if you know someone who is hanging out for some great beer news and reviews (or if you want your copy delivered to your door) have a look at page 42 for information on subscribing. Yes, we have a Father’s Day special offer but that’s just the time of year: this is a magazine for everyone who loves beer, murky or clear.

Michael Donaldson

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