February 2019 Pursuit of Hoppiness

The February 2019 Issue of Pursuit of Hoppiness is now available at all good beer serving places. SOBA President leads off this issue with an update – read the excerpt below or view the pdf for the February 2019 Pursuit of Hoppiness issue.

“SOBA’s regional coordinators met in Napier late last year. The purpose of these annual meet-ups is to reward RCs for their work and to improve networking and communication between them. We hope that this helps them to bring fresh ideas back to their regions and centres to further our mission: we are a consumer-based organisation with a mission to educate, promote, and advocate for the appreciation of, and access to, a diverse range of quality beer.

As I stated in the August Pursuit editorial, we still have work to do. I was at a work function at a high-end restaurant in central Auckland recently and the beer selection was limited. Moreover, at the beginning of the evening, beer wasn’t even offered at all. It was all about the wine! So, if you are reading this in The Pursuit of Hoppiness and you are not a member, please consider joining. Aside from the member benefits, you are supporting our key events: festivals, our national homebrew competition, our national awards and this great magazine. The world of beer in Aotearoa is richer for these.

Please remember that SOBA is a volunteer organisation. From the president down, no one is paid. We would like to challenge the mindset that it’s up to the committee to organise everything. The membership includes all of you too, and this means that we all need to contribute. While we have stepped up to run the show, we do appreciate when you get in and support events and step forward to help in their organisation.

We are conscious that the diversity of our membership, especially our national committee, is a little out of step with modern thinking. We are working on ways to improve this but, in the meantime, all committee members and RCs agree on an inclusive and welcoming culture. Racism, sexism and any other form of prejudice is not welcome in SOBA.

As president, I have made it a goal of this committee term to make significant improvements to our website, membership database, cards and online shopping. We know that these systems are troublesome, dated and not working well for you. We are currently undertaking a review of all systems and taking recommendations, and soon we will consult with you as well. It’s a complex issue that we would like to get right, so we are not rushing it and ask for your patience with this.

Nga mihi,

Warwick Foy

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