Editor’s Note Summer 2016

Welcome to the last Pursuit of Hoppiness for 2016 and the last under the current seasonal format.

Like the industry we report on, we’re going to grow next year by 50 per cent, with six editions planned on a bi-monthly basis; the first one out in February 2017.

Having more frequent editions will help us keep up to speed with the goings-on the beer world which changes as rapidly as the tap selection in a Wellington bar. And
it seems a good way to mark SOBA’s second decade by increasing the reach of its flagship magazine.

We close the year with a whole lot of great reads which I hope you’ll enjoy.

First, Jono Galuszka dives headlong into the murky world of East Coast IPA. Not since the debut of Yeastie Boys’ Rex Attitude have I seen a beer as divisive as Garage Project’s Party And Bullshit. You either love or hate the style and Jono talks to those on both sides of this IPA war zone. As an aside, it’s worth noting that Garage Project scored a whopping 25 medals from 35 entries at recent Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards.
That was more medals than Lion (21 out of 42 entries) and a better ratio than DB (14 medals from 33 entries). To brew that many quality beers is worthy of toast.

I’m also delighted to bring you an extract from Alice Galletly’s new book How To Have A Beer. Alice is a brilliant writer and this book had me laughing out loud when I was given a sneak preview. For those of you who have always wanted to try the world’s best beers the extract on Pliny The Elder is a must-read.

Dale Cooper’s insight into the making of SOBA’s 10th anniversary beer, Geoff Griggs on the importance of beer styles and Phil Cook’s timely reminder to think carefully about you drink are other articles I recommend.

And finally, a stop-press congratulations to Dunedin’s Jamie McQuillan, won both the Champion Beer and Champion Brewer awards in the 10th SOBA National Homebrew Competition.

Jamie’s Berliner Weiss with Brettanomyces and Greengage Plums scored 49/50, and his overall medal count gave him the top brewer award too.

There were a mighty 711 entries, up 32 per cent on last year, showing just how big a part of the industry home brewing has become.

Jamie has won the opportunity to have his champion beer brewed by Hallertau Brewery, along with another brew at Brewaucracy.
Enjoy the holidays.
Michael Donaldson
[email protected]

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