Smart Brewing with the Gladfield Malt App

Gabi Michael of Gladfield Malt explains their new app

13When Gladfield Malt first started in 2004, the craft and home brewing scene was just coming to life. Now 12 years later, it is going stronger than ever and Gladfield Malt has grown with it. We produce over 25 types of malts, all made on our farm in Canterbury using 100 per cent malting barley, also grown in Canterbury — one of the best places in the world to grow it

Twelve years ago, I am sure you would not have thought mobile phones would be such a part of your everyday life. New generation smartphones offer an array of features. In essence, they are the Swiss Army Knives of the communications world – a single tool that fits in your pocket and can do pretty much anything you need it to, making life easier. So why not use this piece of technology to our advantage and help our clients? Well, that is what Gladfield Malt has just done!

We have an app for easy malt/recipe conversion to help all brewers experience the Gladfield flavour in all of their brews. The app also gives brewers the freedom to convert overseas recipes to Gladfield malts with a click of a button. So now our extensive range of high quality, consistent craft malts can be used to brew your regular recipes, and you can taste the Gladfield difference.
Gladfield App v1.1The app was developed by Nathan Crabbe from Broodoo Brewing Software. We thank Nathan for his passion for the beer industry and for helping us develop this ground breaking app. The custom built Gladfield Malt app is available for both iOS and Android at the Apple Store and Play Store.

For more information on our malt range please visit our website

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