Committee Update Jan/Feb 2014!

Apologies for the lack of committee updates, we’re all back in the swing of things now – time to catch you up!

  • -We now have a register of useful skills and expertise of many SOBA members. Thank you to everyone who answered the call!
  • -SOBA has had stands at the South Island Beer Fest in Christchurch, Brew Day in Martinborough and plans to have stalls at Marchfest (Nelson) and Great Kiwi Beer Fest (Chch).
  • -The first annual SOBA awards were announced in early January. All have all been delivered to the worthy recipents at various awards events throughout the country. Thanks to members for voting, and congrats to all the winners! Check out the Autumn issue of Pursuit of Hoppiness for photos and winner info.
  • -Speaking of Pursuit of Hoppiness, the Autumn issue should be in good bars nationwide, and is also available online here.
  • -The updated 2013 “Soba Supports” stickers are be rolling out to establishments.
  • -Our annual Committee planning meeting is scheduled for April 5th in Wellington. All committee members are attending for a day of discussion on the present and future running of SOBA.
  • -The two major SOBA beer festivals of the year have been given the go ahead! The Winter Ale Festival in Wellington and City of Ales festival in Auckland will both be in June, dates confirmed soon!
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