Controversial Trade Marks Abandoned

Hancock’s controversial trade mark of the term ‘Growler’ in reference to beer and other beverages has been officially abandoned.

SOBA initially expressed concern over the generic beer term ‘Growler’ (a refillable beer bottle) being trade marked by Hancock’s.
It appears failure to use the trade mark has caused it to be classified as abandoned, resolving the issue.

Another controversial trade mark – ‘Blind Pig’ – was successfully trade marked by Lion Nathan recently.
Blind Pig is the name of a popular beer brewed by Russian River in Santa Rosa, California, the mark effectively made it illegal to continue importing the beer.

Dominic Kelly of Hashigo Zake noticed this, and contacted Lion’s lawyers pointing out they have little use for the trade mark.
Lion no longer had plans to use ‘Blind Pig’, and was happy to cancel the trade mark.

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  1. Two bits of good news indeed!

    And I love the “we were unaware” defence. DB, of course, plead the same ignorance about Hallertau’s “porter noir”. Neither brewery seems embarrassed by the disconnection from the craft beer scene that kind of “being unaware” implies.

    Also, do I need to start a collection fund to buy these guys access to *Google*? It seems like it’d save a lot of headaches.

  2. To clarify something here: Lion Nathan’s lawyers never indicated to me whether they were aware of existing uses of the name Blind Pig or not. All they said was that in the time between the application for the trademark and its registration they decided they no longer needed it.

  3. Good work SOBA just another reason for membership

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