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Many of you have probably seen the flashy new Craft Beer Capital website. Leaving aside the history of the name, and SOBA’s stance on defining such things, this SOBA member feels that it is a fairly impressive and very useful piece of work, showcasing the many excellent bars and bottle shops around Wellington where great beer may be sourced.

The question has been raised of how SOBA and Craft Beer Capital might work more closely together, and this post is designed to solicit opinions on this issue. Members, please have your say in the comments below. The committee will pass on any and all thoughts to Craft Beer Capital, and use them as our basis for an on-going relationship with them.

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  1. Advertise guided tours of the craft trail at backpacker hostels and similar places. Knowledgable SOBA members can lead the tour and explain the local scene, backgrounds on the beers and educate travellers about the best brews in NZ.
    Tours can be free with a ‘shout your guide a beer’ recommendation and a free feed provided to the guide by the bar you stop for lunch/dinner at.
    Similar idea to a guided wine trail really but in a nice compact city 😉

  2. Great website.. if it stays updated. very helpful for those looking for a specific drop

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