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Clemenger’s Wellington in a Pint is a craft beer brewing competition where local home brewers could see their recipe turned into a professional craft beer by brewing legends Tuatara, ParrotDog, Yeastie Boys or Garage Project.

Round One is now over and asked the Wellington public to describe the capital as a beer. What would it be like? Would it be dark and cloudy? Or would it give you wind? Entry boxes and ‘entry beer mats’ were located at craft beer bars around the city and the public could also enter their ideas via twitter and Facebook.

Round Two opened on Monday 2 April. This is of even more interest to SOBA members, as it’s where the creative brewing competition begins.

The ideas from Round One were taken and turned into a Brewing Brief for homebrewers to draw inspiration from. It’s all about having fun with brewing beer (and less about international brewing standards) so it’s a very cool competition to have a go at entering especially if you fancy trying to make something original.

See your brew turned into a professional craft beer. The really cool thing about this competition is the prize.

You could see your brew turned into a professional craft beer by one of four local craft beer legends: Garage Project, ParrotDog, Yeastie Boys or Tuatara. The four winning brews will be turned into a four pack, and also kegs, to be sold in craft beer outlets across the city.

Winners also get a logo for their ‘brewery name’ designed by the good folk at Clemenger BBDO.

Enter now!
There’s still lots of time to concoct your brew, as the Judging Event isn’t until Saturday 9 June. To get into it, register your interest as a brewer at the website. You’ll then be sent an Official Entry Pack including all the information and inspiration you need to get brewing. But don’t delay, because time’s-a-ticking…

It’s completely free to enter. And aside from seeing your own brew turned pro, there are some really cool craft beer prizes to be won, plus the never-ending respect of your beer-brewing peers.


  1. Hi Guys
    I live in Napier, according to the Rules of the competition this will preclude me from entering – is this correct?

  2. Hi John,

    Yes, this is correct – due to the hands-on, collaborative nature of this project, it made sense to limit this competition to local Wellingtonians. The final 4 x winners of the competition will need to be in Wellington for the judging event, as well as the week ensuing to refine the beers with the breweries, so it made practical sense to make the competition open to those to can be here for that period.

    Thanks for your interest from afar though!

    We are definitely having some fun with this project, check out the beer we are brewing in an Adshel in Manners Mall:

    Cristin Waite
    Clemenger’s Wellington in a Pint

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