Monthly Update for August 2013

August was a huge month for beer this year, with choice beer week, BrewNZ awards, Beervana and of course the SOBA AGM.

– At the AGM some changes were made to the committee lineup, with Geoff stepping down as President and Steph & Martin stepping down from general committee.
New to the committee are Shane Cowlishaw and Maree Shaw with Nolen Smith re-joining committee. David Wood was elected as President. See the entire committee here.

– Also at the AGM a few changes were made to the SOBA charter, to bring it in to line with SOBA’s mission and vision. Some other small changes were approved, see the whole charter here.

– SOBA is looking to upgrade their chilly bin tap banks, after many problems were encountered using the current tap banks at various beer festivals.

– Many enquiries have been made about SOBA stickers for bars who support SOBA. These stickers are becoming annual and will be given to bars at the start of each year, look out for them in January 2014!

– New SOBA t-shirts have been designed by Sean Golding of Golding’s Free Dive, with the first new design being printed and released soon!


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