Nelson Homebrew Competition

To ensure the success of the event and make the judging easy and fair we must ask you to observe the following Conditions of Entry

All entries must be submitted to [email protected]. The following details must be put into the email:

• Your first and last name
• Your telephone number
• Number of beers you are entering
• Name of each beer
• Style of each beer

The standard fee for entry into the competition is on a per person basis and will be $10. Late entries may incur an extra fee or may not be able to enter. Entries on the day of the event will not be accepted for the competition but may be offered for tasting and comments.
Payment for the competition must be made before the day of the competition and should be paid into this bank account 03-1354-0268834-16 with your first and last name and “HB” as a reference. If banking is not an option for you, you must make contact with us to organise another method of payment.
You must not enter on the day of the competition. Entries must be received by email no later than Friday 9th November. We recommend you organise to deliver your entries to us before the competition day. If you bring your entries on the day, you must arrive no later than 12:30pm to allow for processing. No more than three entries per person will be accepted.
We recommend you bring your entries in 750ml bottles or larger. Smaller bottles may not be accepted. We also urge that you supply us with 1-1.5L for each of your entries so that there is enough to go around.
Competitors are invited to taste, mark/rate and comment on any or all of the entries. Others may taste, mark/rate or comment on entries for their own information. Only the former will be considered for judging. Exempt are any professional judges or special guests.
You must not mark/rate your own entries. When marking/rating and writing notes for each entry, you must be objective and courteous. We recommend you to mark/rate according to the style of the entry. You must make your best efforts to mark/rate all of the entries.
Counting of scores at the end will focus specifically on the total of the ratings out of ten for each entry. The highest score/number will receive 1st place. Second highest will receive 2nd place and third will receive 3rd.
Due to prizes being bulky and/or heavy they will only be available to people in Nelson.
Any entrant who completes marking/rating with notes for all entries (excluding their own) will be eligible to go in to win a prize as well.
On a social level, you must be friendly and courteous towards the other people at the event.
Your entries should not be disclosed to anyone until after judging has been completed.
You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
Pace your drinking. We understand there may be plenty of entries but we do urge you to keep within your limits and give your attention to the competition. The organisers of teh event will not be held responsible for but not limited to: lit farts, bad jokes, entries that aren’t beer, low scores, your health, etc.

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