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Hi everyone for those SOBA people who do not know me I am Andrew Childs. I have been a SOBA member for a few years now. I got into homebrewing a couple of years ago. It’s fair to say it took over my life. Last year I was one of the Wellington in a Pint Winners with the Celia Wade Brown Ale. Now I am lucky enough to have a job as “The Beer Man” for Mangrove Jack’s a home brew supply wholesaler (much more fun that my legal career was).

My job involves a lot of home brewing (but at work), in order to try out the new yeasts we are getting produced (8 different varieties that have been made in the UK) and testing out new brewing equipment.  We are currently working on all in one mash-tun, boil kettle, wort chiller) and a conical temperature controlled fermenter amongst other things. We are looking to bring this to the market this year at a price the average home brewer can afford.

The most exciting thing that I am working on is collaborating with craft breweries on producing fresh wort. We approach breweries that I think make some decent craft beer and ask to do a collaboration brew. I come up with a recipe (or use one of their existing recipes) and go over it with the brewers at that brewery and tweek it to suit their system.

I go there and help them brew, we mash, brew then chill the wort before putting them into sterilised Jerry Cans. You take them home (or we can send them around the country for $10) and put them in your fermenter, add dry hops (if to style) then bottle. Easy as. You then have 20-23 litres of quality crafted beer.

We had a very successful brew at Hallertau Brewery in November. We had 50 people come and look around the brewery and chat and got their Fresh Wort, a wheat beer with coriander and sweet orange peel.

Our next Wort evening is 29th of January at Deep Creek Brewery, Browns Bay, Auckland.  We are doing a huge 7%(ish) American IPA using an insane amount of Zythos hops. Check out to get yours (there are not many left).

We will be doing collaborations with breweries around the country (including  8-Wired!) so keep an eye out and go and “like” mangrove Jacks on facebook to find out more.


Andrew Childs


  1. Hey this is awesome Andrew!

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