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Before Christmas I decided to go on a bit of a pub crawl with the excuse of testing out rewardjunkie! a mobile application that keeps rewards programs on the smartphone. I know the rewardjunkie founders Matt and Brady from my association with CreativeHQ and it seemed like there were possibilities for using rewardjunkie to provide benefits for SOBA members.

I started off downloading the rewardjunkie app from the app store to my iPod touch. Running the app required that I enter a few details about myself and give permissions for the app to use my location. Once this had been completed I was then shown the list of available rewards in my area. These included a number of free beers for joining loyalty programmes at different bars, including The General Practitioner, The Bruhaus, Little Beer Quarter, Tap Haus, D4, Arizona, and The Bristol. Rewards at other bars comprised of free fries, garlic bread or 2 for 1 deals.

I started off at Little Beer Quarter. This bar has a fantastic range of craft beer on tap and already offer a great 10% discount to SOBA members, so I knew I would be able to get a good beer there. Presenting my iPod touch to the bar man he immediately recognised the rewardjunkie app and presented by with a QR code in a small plastic frame to scan. I clicked on the reward and was asked if I wanted to join the LBQ reward programme, I clicked yes and the barman checked the screen and asked what beer I wanted. Great!

Scanning the QR code seemed to be a separate action to joining the rewards programme, each time you buy a beer if you scan the code it adds up and once you’ve bought 7 beers you receive a free beer. This was a little confusing as we were unsure whether it was necessary to scan the code in addition to joining the programme. However, staff at all the bars seemed to have a general understanding how the system worked and even though things didn’t seem to work as they expected sometimes, they were still happy to give me the reward. I think some of the problems may have been caused by me using an iPod touch not connected to WiFi and so the feedback normally expected wasn’t forthcoming.

So on to Tap Haus and then the Bristol who were both happy to provide me with free beers  for joining their loyalty programmes. It turned out to be a very successful night of testing. I have talked to Matt from rewardjunkie! about the possibility of the rewards being shared between the customer and a group they are associated with such as SOBA. My thoughts were along the lines that SOBA could promote a particular venue to its members, for example, buy beers at LBQ for the month of January, if SOBA associated rewards total more than 500 beers then SOBA receive a special benefit to pass on to their members. This would take additional development by rewardjunkie but may be something they will add in the future. Until then, download the app and enjoy some of the rewards on offer.



  1. That sounds like a great idea Rob! Let’s catch up for a beer to discuss 🙂

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