Rex Attitude Marshmallow

Kevin Buckley writes from Melbourne –

Was drinking, and eating, over in a trendy part of Melbourne (yes, there are some) last night and, in one of the obviously “trendier” bars found that, as well as a massive range of beer, many of which were recognisable from Hashigo Zake, (eg Baird) and/or were NZ craft beers, (eg PKB), one of the desserts was listed as follows:

“Rex Attitude marshmallow with strawberries, pistachio crumble and lime and lemongrass sorbet (AUD 13) and that the beer matching for it was not Rex Attitude itself but Mornington Peninsula Brewery’s Pale Ale (330ml AUD 14) a not bad Victorian brew.

The bloke behind the bar, when interrupted in mid explanation of the dish by being told I knew Stu, suggested that the latter get over there a bit sharpish if he wanted to try it, as it was selling well!

So, you spend all that time crafting a beer and the Aussie’s turn it into marshmallow !

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