SOBA Committee Update December 2012

What has the SOBA Committee been up to?
We will endeavour to post monthly updates about the goings on in the SOBA Committee so you know what we’re doing.

Here’s a brief summary of the meeting: 12th November 2012

  • The Committee has written and distributed a press release expressing SOBA’s view on the recent Emersons sale.
  • Committee wrote and distributed a press release promoting the then upcoming NHC.
  • The Committee has published an article on recent beer related trademarks being dropped.
  • The Committee pointed out to producers of ‘The Beer Hunter’ movie that our sponsorship was under-represented, now fixed
  • Communication guidelines are to be developed, to help maintain professional standards of communication across regional SOBA groups.
  • Committee to continue updates on the ‘Committee Update’ section of the website to more involve members in committee activities.
  • Press release to be written and distributed promoting the results of the SOBA NHC 2012.
  • SOBA Poster/business card distribution is underway via Pursuit of Hoppiness distributors and Brewery Relationship Officers.
  • Committee is working to make the SOBA chilly bin tap banks more user friendly.

To contact the SOBA Committee head here, and your message will reach the committee.

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