SOBA Committee Update – January

What has the SOBA Committee been up to?
Here we will post monthly updates about the goings on in the SOBA Committee so you know what we’re up to.

We’re back in action after a holiday break in December.

The committee has been busy during the month of January with policy develpment, some changing roles and upcoming events.

Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve been up to in January:

  • The committee is investigating hiring storage space in Wellington to hold merchandise, tap banks, posters etc.
  • Committee member Tony Faulkner was appointed press secretary upon resignation of the previous press sec.
    A huge thanks to previous press secretary Martin Bulmer, who has had to resign from the Committee. Thanks for all your hard work over the years Martin!
  • Phil Cook kindly volunteered to be the new editor of the Pursuit of Hoppiness magazine. We look forward to Phil’s first edition!
    The committee would like to thank previous editor Kate Jordan for all of her excellent work on PoH, and wishes her luck in Melbourne.
  • Annika Corley volunteered to be the new advertising manager for the Pursuit of Hoppiness, cheers Annika!
    Annika replaces Eric Rowe, who has put in a lot of effort for PoH getting ads together over the past few years. Thanks for all of your help Eric.
  • It was decided by the committee to take up the Great Kiwi Beer Festival‘s offer of a stand to promote SOBA.
    ‘Meet the Brewer’ sessions are to be organised at the GKBF, the stall will be staffed by members.
  • Dates, budgets and venues were set for the 2013 SOBA Strategic Planning Weekend in Wellington.
  • The committee agreed that the SOBA National Homebrew Competition should be kept in Hamilton for 2013, as they did such an excellent job in 2012.
    The NHC organisers are looking at improving the amazing live results system used in 2012 even further!
  • The committee is considering expanding the people who have access to the SOBA social network pages, to include BROs and Regional Coordinators to help improve communication.
  • The committee is developing various policies focusing on communications, privacy, trademarks and funding.

To contact the SOBA Committee head here, and your message will reach the committee.

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