SOBA Committee Update – February/March

Time for another update on the goings on with the SOBA committee!

– The entire committee met last week in Wellington for an intensive strategic planning weekend. We’re very happy with what came out of it, and you can expect an email going into more detail on what was discussed and decided over the two days.

– With an insight to the trademarking process, it was highlighted that IPONZ’s resources are very limited while investigating potential trademarks. The committee resolved to attempt to provide IPONZ with more extensive and up to date resources about NZ beers and beer styles. This will hopefully help IPONZ avoid granting trademarks for generic beer terms.
If you know of a NZ based resource (online/book etc) which describes beer styles in NZ please email it to [email protected].

– A suitable storage facility for SOBA equipment and assets has been found.

– SOBA will have a small stand at the upcoming ‘Greater Wellington Brewday’ beer festival, for promotion, merchandise sales and signups.

– SOBA will also have  stand at Marchfest in Nelson, also for promotion, merchandise sales and signups.

– The committee is looking at getting more colourful and modern t-shirt designs for SOBA in general and the Matariki Beer Festival.

– You can expect to see a lot more communication on SOBA’s Facebook/Twitter from your Regional Coordinators and BROs.

– The Autumn edition of Pursuit of Hoppiness will be out in early April.

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