SOBA Honoured Members

In 2013 SOBA began an awards programme that includes honours for individual SOBA members who have done great service for either SOBA or the wider beer community.

SOBA’s Honoured Members:

  • Denise Garland for services to SOBA
  • David Wood for services to SOBA
  • Ted and Frances Verrity for service to the beer industry and community
  • Paul Wicksteed for service to home brewing
  • Martin Bridges for service to SOBA
  • Greig McGill for services to SOBA
  • Alex McGill for services to SOBA
  • Stephanie Coutts for services to SOBA
  • Charles Swettenham for service to Canterbury SOBA
  • Geoff Griggs for service to SOBA & Beer Writing
  • Jonathan Day for service to SOBA & Beer Education
  • Richard Emerson for Craft Beer Leadership
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