SOBA National Homebrew Competition Accepting Entries

Beer Bottles at SOBA National Homebrew Competition

The Annual SOBA National Homebrew Competition is back again this year, with the judging sessions taking place over 23-24 November in Auckland. Last year saw a record number of entries, and overall an increase in quality of entries with a higher percentage of medals than previous years. The competition will again be BJCP sanctioned, and feature numerous BJCP Certified volunteers.

Competition Prizes

While a large focus of the judging is to receive feedback from qualified judges on the quality and condition of your beer, a major incentive to enter is based around the chance to win prizes!

Champion Prizes

The two most significant prizes are awarded to the brewer of the Champion Beer and the Champion Brewer. Both winners win a trip to either Hallertau Brewery or Brewaucracy, respectively, for a chance to scale up their recipe and brew their beer for commercial release. This prize truly connects this competition with the industry, giving homebrewers a chance to connect with commercial breweries as well as drinkers around the country.

Other Prizes

Along with being award certificates for medaling beers, homebrewers who enter have the chance to win a mix of prizes from our sponsors. Follow NHC on Facebook or keep an eye on the NHC Website for updates.

Competition Judges

Geoff Griggs will be taking the role of Head Judge again this year, and will be leading a team of commercial brewers, sensory experts & BJCP certified judges.

Competition Deadlines

All beers must be entered by Friday 8 November, and all entries must be received by Friday 15 November.

For more information and to enter a beer please visit the NHC Website


  1. Did the payment deadline for entries for the NHC on the website change? I was sure it said pay by 15 November when I entered, now it says 10 November (so I am not going to pay or send my entries).

    • Hi Dave, apologies for the confusion but registration was closed on the 10th and entries must be received and paid for by Friday 15 November. If you now need an extra day we can accept the delivery on Monday.

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