SOBA Taranaki’s Second Annual Homebrew Competition

SOBA Taranaki recently held its second annual homebrew competition, at Mike’s Brewery in Urenui.

The competition runs slightly differently than most: local Taranaki brewers bring their equipment to Mike’s brewery, and all brew their competition beers simultaneously. Fermentation space and some ingredients are kindly provided by Mike’s.

In its inaugural year everyone brewed the same style: IPA. The finished products were blindly tasted by participants to decide who would have the honour of having their recipe brewed commercially at Mike’s.


This year there were no restrictions on style, with only a stipulation that there should be a Taranaki spin. In all, five IPAs, two Pale Ales, two Black IPAs, two Porters and an APA were made.
Brewers got creative to work the local angle and threw in ingredients like horopito, kumara, grapefruit zest and coffee.

The beers will be judged on August 21st, and the winning brew will be made commercially by Mike’s and launched at Mike’s Oktoberfest.

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