The officers of the society shall consist of a president, secretary, and treasurer. The executive committee of the society shall include the above named officers, as well as 4 (four) extra members. The electronic mailing list is the primary means of communication and activity within the society. As the mailing list requires some administration, an ex-officio position of ‘list administrator’ will be appointed by the committee if required. This position confers the ability to moderate the electronic mailing list, and to take any decisions involved in doing so without consultation with the committee. This position does not confer voting rights on the committee, unless it is filled by a member who also serves on the committee.

The officers and committee members shall be elected at an AGM or at a special meeting called for this purpose.

Temporary replacements can be appointed at the discretion of the committee. If a temporary position is appointed it will arise for reappointment with the other positions at the next AGM that position is due to be reappointed.

The standard term of appointment is two years.

Dallas Potz-Nielson (President)

Dallas (right) is an avid lover and supporter of the wonderful beverage that is beer. The mission of SOBA resonates with him, and as both a long time homebrewer and consumer, he’s excited for the opportunity to serve the craft beer community on the committee as president as SOBA renews its efforts to promote and advocate for access, awareness, and appreciation of quality beer.

Dallas is actively involved in the industry as a co-owner of Mark & Merit, an online brewing and tapware supply store. After traveling extensively and living in Texas, Canada, and England he’s taking his first-hand knowledge of beer styles, brewing approaches, and technology and applying it here in New Zealand. When he’s not brewing beer, talking about beer, working on beer, or drinking beer you’ll find him with his wife and two sons (probably traveling, looking for new beer try, or cooking something that’ll pair well with beer).

What beer have you drank the most of: If we’re going by volume, possibly a tie between Shiner Bock (Texas), Alexander Keiths IPA (Canada), or Fullers Frontier (England) (but Shiner would probably win!)

Favourite Beer Style: Hmmm… If it’s not a thirst quenching Pilsner or a malty bitter, then I’d have to say a West Coast IPA – Crisp, Bitter, Resinous, and packed full of Flavour!

Favourite Beer Snack: Nachos or Buffalo Hot Wings

Favourite Beer Quote: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”

Favourite Way to Drink Beer: Out of a glass, with friends


Andy Memmott (Treasurer)

Born and raised in England, Andy has been in New Zealand since 2004. He started home brewing in 2015 and has since invested in more and more home brew hardware. In early 2021 through association with Gisborne Beer Festival, Andy became involved in SOBA, becoming the 1st Gisborne regional coordinator. In 2022 Andy joined the SOBA national committee before taking on the role as Treasurer in September 2022.


Dawn Miller-McTaggart (Secretary)

My favourite type of beer is: Saison
My introduction and love of beer began with family catch ups around our kitchen table in Buffalo, NY.


Josh Voorkamp

What first got me on the path of craft beer was when we moved to Dunedin and my local quickly became the world-famous-in-Dunedin pub Albar. On it’s window there was a SOBA sticker and it was really just all downhill from there. My favourite beers are the stouts and porters, I’m not sure I could pick an outright favourite – too many good ones.


Lesley Maedel

Lesley loves beer. She is from England and her beer journey started with bitter and Newcastle Brown Ale. Before moving to New Zealand she lived in Germany for about 10 years where she moved on to more ‘exotic’ beer styles including pilsner, kölsch and weizenbier. She’s been in NZ for about 15 years and has enjoyed the craft beer revolution. It is here that she’s learnt there’s a beer style for every situation, but her favourite is an IPA which for her should be bold, bitter and certainly not hazy. Lesley has been Regional Co-ordinator for SOBA Hawke’s Bay for a few years now and is looking forward to making a difference on a national level, on the committee.